Frequently asked questions

How is Linnex different from other heat liniments and creams?

Linnex has a stronger and more long-lasting effect than most other products on the market. For this reason, the product was originally only sold to professionals, such as naprapaths, physical therapists and chiropractors. Since the effect is more long-lasting, the patient may return to normal active life more quickly, which, according to studies, often leads to faster healing compared to rest alone. Often those suffering from pain also place unnecessary strain on healthy muscles, which will aggravate the problem further. Linnex works where the pain is, without irritating your stomach or intestines!

What kind of use is Linnex suitable for?

Linnex is a so-called heat liniment for muscles and joints, which you can use if you suffer from, for example, lumbago, repetitive strain injury, muscle strain or stiff muscles.
What should Linnex not be used for?
Be careful not to apply Linnex onto sensitive skin. Such areas include the groin, neck and face. Linnex must not be applied onto open wounds, mucous membranes or the eyes. In warm conditions, the effects of Linnex are enhanced further, so do not use Linnex before going to the sauna, using a tanning bed, sun bathing or taking a warm shower. Also remember to wash your hands after use, if you have touched the liniment!

When should Linnex not be used?

Linnex is not suitable as first aid for acute injuries with intense swelling, redness or severe pain. Linnex is not recommended to be used during pregnancy or lactation, or by asthmatics, children under 12 or people diagnosed with salicylate allergy.

How should Linnex be used?

Apply one or two thin layers of Linnex directly onto the skin. The treatment can be repeated approximately every four hours, if needed. Remember that the effect will appear only approximately 10–15 minutes after the application. Exercise enhances the effect of the liniment.

How should Linnex be stored?

Store the Linnex stick at room temperature, out of the reach of children.

Does Linnex cause any side effects?

Linnex has not been found to cause any side effects, but people diagnosed with salicylate or menthol allergy must not use Linnex. Mild redness is normal and not harmful. The redness is an indication of increased blood flow to the surface. If Linnex has entered your digestive system, contact your doctor immediately! Also contact your doctor if the use of Linnex causes any unexpected skin reactions or other allergic reactions.